How to order pictures


1. I received a password card, why do I need it?

Go to [Customer Login], insert the password you have received and click on the ''Open your album'' box.

You can register as a customer to be notified by email when your photos will be available!


2. Is it possible to place only one order, but for all of my children?

Absolutely! To place a single order of all your photos when you have several access codes, click on “Got another access code?” An additional field will open.

You can generate as many fields as you have access codes.


3. How can I view my child’s gallery?

In tab  “Overview” click on the photos to view your full gallery in full screen. You will therefore be able to make the best choice in your selection!


4. I am not used to shopping online: how do I do?

In tab “Packages,” first choose a package from our available options and click on the “Add to cart” box. A window will appear and allow you to select another package, order products individually or continue to the shopping cart.

If you only wish to purchase accessoiries, immediately click on tab “Individual Products” to select the desired image and choose your product, then click on the “Add to Cart” box.

Once you have selected your desired packages and products, click on your cart at the top right of the screen and follow the instructions to place your order.

*Don't forget to crop the print products and accessories to avoid cutting off part of a head or feet!


5. Will the watermark disappear on my ordered photos?

Of course! The watermark is only used on the site to protect the photos from illegal downloading. It will disappear from all purchased photos when delivered.


6. Is it possible to crop the photos?

We recommend that you crop your photos destined to be printed or to be used for the production of accessories. Once you have selected your images, an option in the shopping cart will allow you to validate your frames. Once the order is placed, it is not possible to request a cropping modification by email, claim or in writing.

Be careful about cropping: know that you remain responsible for its application and, consequently, for the final framing result of your ordered products.


7. Is there a beneficial discount for families?

When your shopping cart is of $80 or more, you can benefit from a 20% discount by using the promotional code found on the back of your password card.

Note that this promotion cannot be combined with the 10% discount applied on any purchase made within the first 10 days following the opening of the photo gallery.


8. Is there a profitable discount for staff members?

We offer staff members a promotional code of $20 applicable to their shopping cart. To benefit from this discount, use the promo code communicated to you by the person in charge of your establishment.

If you have a child attending the school or if you would like to order more of your personal photos, simply use this promo code for a $20 discount.

Warning: This code may only be applied once per person.


9. I do not own a credit card — can I use another payment method?

Once in the shopping cart select the “Choose another payment method” option and continue with “Pay with Paypal.” It is then possible to the purchase by using a credit-debit card.

If you wish to use a debit card, you must have an active Paypal account and log in with your personal Paypal ID.



10. May I still order after the first 21 days of online posting of the gallery?

The gallery will remain available for a one-year period for online purchases. However, all orders will be delivered to your home and a $12 shipping charge will apply.

In order to receive a home delivery before the holiday season, please note that orders must be made before November 30th.


11. What is the delivery timeframe?

All orders made within the first 21 days following the online posting of galleries will be delivered directly to your child’s school. You can consult staff members to find out the exact delivery date that was communicated to them.

For digital downloads, you will receive by email a redirection link to the online platform in order to access your images to download. If you do not receive the email, check your spam mail. Note that the purchase of digital images is non-refundable.


12. What quality should I expect for prints and accessories?

Our work tools are strictly professional, we use only highly recognized material and do not compromise on quality.

Do not hesitate to adjust the calibration of your mobile device or your computer to get an optimal overview of your digital photos!


13. Where can I find my child’s group picture?

Every child will receive a printed copy of their group picture; it will be delivered directly to the school at the same time as individual orders. It is offered for free with or without the purchase of photos on the platform.

To purchase additional group pictures, please contact our customer service.


14. I want to make additional editing to one of my photos, how should I proceed?

For the sake of not distorting the natural beauty of our subjects, please note that we do not edit the pictures, except for correcting the colorimetry of the images. If you would like to make a correction to one of your photos, please contact customer service.


15. Downloading digital images on a tablet computer or a mobile phone

Once your photos will be available for download, you will receive a link by email directing you to the status of your order.

Under the "Downloads" section, you will have the option of downloading all of your photos (as a .zip file) or downloading the photos one by one.

On tablet or mobile phone, we recommend that you download them one by one.

Otherwise, you will find below the instructions to download all the photos.

Android device

You must install, beforehand, the ES File Explorer application—See application icon below.


Click on the link received by email. The upload status of your images will be displayed at the top of your phone screen in the notification bar. Once the download is complete, open the folder and select the “Unzip” option. You will then have access to all the photos.

Apple device

You must install, beforehand, the iZip application—See application icon below.


Click on the link received by email. The uploading of your images will be processed in background. There is no status indicator to track download progress. Open de downloaded file with the iZip app, then press ‘Extract.’ Save the images in your device.


16. My child was absent when the photos were taken: is there a retake scheduled at the establishment?

The agreements regarding a retake differ from one establishment to another. Please contact us for the details of the agreement. If a retake is scheduled, we will be happy to register your child!



please contact our customer service